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Moore & Moore Homes Inc. is a family owned business with rich experience in home building. Our market expands into the Northwest Indiana and Chicago suburban market. We also have developed a commercial project division. Our goal is to build homes to fit each of our customer's unique needs and lifestyle, whether they are first time home buyers or those looking for a distinguished, custom designed home. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

At Moore & Moore, we have built an expansive network of satisfied customers and subcontractors alike. With our personal relationships with our customers, we are able to not only serve as their builder, but in many cases, a friend. Our established relationships with our subcontractors enable us to build your home on time and at a better price.

As you explore our website, you'll find that our business model is designed to help build you equity. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to visit our contact us page and fill out an inquiry form, or call us directly.


What makes you different?
1) Low overhead. We do not carry land positions and emphasize efficient turnarounds to lower and even eliminate many overhead costs many builders pass on to their customers.

2) Quality over quantity. We are not a production builder and thus only take on a limited amount of projects each year. We want to ensure that both you and your home are given the careful attention to detail that it deserves. 

How long will it take from contract to move in day?
This will depend on the size and scope of your home but we operate on a 90-120 day build. Starting from the day we excavate the lot, you will be moving into your completed home 3-4 months later. We are able to do this because of our effectively scheduling and excellent relationships with contractors.

I don't want to be stuck with a specific set of plans Moore & Moore Homes, Inc. offers, will you build my set?
Absolutely! Customers come to us with unique sets of plans they have drawn themselves. Whatever you want, we will build. We have some plans you can look at and can completely change to cater to your needs. We can custom build homes to fit YOUR personality and lifestyle.

I own a lot already, will you build on it?
Yes! We will build your house on your lot. If needed, we will make changes to adapt your home on the land you already own.

Do I have to buy insurance while under construction?
No, Moore & Moore carries the insurance of the project.

What's your warranty?
We have an unmatched warranty in the industry which will keep your investment protected.

Do you have a question that we didn't answer? Please contact us here so we can answer them.

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Ability of client to have NO CONSTRUCTION LOAN is at the sole discretion of Moore & Moore Homes, Inc. All pricing, square footage, days of completion and information found on any and all pages of this website is subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of Moore & Moore Homes, Inc.

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